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Bravery and curiosity are dangerous friends. That’s why we wear safety goggles as we abseil down the rock face of innovation. We thrive on new ways of thinking and we have the power to make wondrous things happen for our clients and also our team. We’re a new kind of Telco company, with a new way of doing things.

Our values are creative, adaptable, positive and entrepreneurial. These guide our behaviours as people. You can expect them from us, because we ask them of ourselves.

You know where you’re going.

Our network can help you get there.

As a modern business leader, you’re driven to adapt and evolve. This motivation doesn’t come from the pursuit of some abstract theory of success — it’s about the quest for the next big thing for your business. We get it. Business is changing. That’s why we’ve built our network to support your business now and in the future. We’re changing the industry for good, with robust connectivity, great value, and better care — all powered by the most caring network out there. This isn’t business-as-usual. This is the relentless pursuit of something better. Welcome to PEAR for Business.

The Pursuit of Innovation

You run your business, we’ll take care of your connection. Businesses like yours demand nothing less than a consistently reliable, far-reaching, network— so we did something about it. We built a network with amazing coverage all over Australia so you can stay focused on driving your business forward. Trust us to continue challenging the status quo as we unravel the complexities of the industry in order to help our customers unleash their business potential. Modern business can take you and your employees anywhere, from field to factory to home. We want to make sure our network is with you every step of the way.

The Pursuit of Partnership

Our customer service team is second to none. We admit it — sometimes technology isn’t the right answer. Case in point, the Telco industry’s broken customer care model that relies on IVR robots and handoffs. We’ve reinvented customer care to ensure every touchpoint is a human one—because we know your business thrives with personalised experiences designed to help you get the most out of your network. Get a dedicated support team—an assigned, highly trained Team of Experts who know you, know your business, and can get it right the first time. We know who you are by your voice because that’s what partners do. It’s easy to connect with us—no confusing IVR asking you a bunch of questions and guessing where you should be routed. You’ll never have to repeat yourself—Care Experts take ownership over issues and advocate for customers internally, documenting your story and ensuring the right people are engaged.

The Pursuit of Possibilities

Business is changing. Are you with us? The future of business will be powered by next generation networks—and the possibilities are endless. Let us help you take the next step forward with PEAR, kick things off with PEAR's band of business whizzes to unravel the secrets of how we’re turbocharging businesses just like yours on their quest for the next big splash!

Your Experience is our Priority!


Meet our Team

In one way, shape or form, our staff are with us because we recognise that special qualities they have with the independent drive to succeed. Today, we have the most stellar and creative team of working individuals in Australia. They push our business forward through their passion and hard work. They are an integral part of our success. Our team really cares and we’re proud of what we do. We’re highly skilled and focused on making a positive impact on our customers.

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Proud past, brilliant future.

Where did Pear start? A brief a timeline of our growth.


Miratec Solutions was founded. The company was founded by the late Sam Fleifel. With more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunication industry as Telecom Australia (Telstra) management, Mr Fleifel decided to establish a company with a deep focus on VOIP technology.


VOIP technology was still very much in its infancy. Mr Fleifel and Miratec were pioneers and instrumental in helping establish VOIP in the industry and bring it to the market for the masses.


Mr Fleifel was requested by Engin to speak on VoIP technology, which at the time, Engin was the forefront for this technology, at the May CeBIT Australia Event. After this, Mr Fleifel and Engin's directors built the VoIP arm for Engin as it was previously strictly for residential.


Engin moved to its largest office in Frenches Forest. Engin instructed that only Mr Fleifel of Miratec Solutions would be hired to install all the phones and connectivity for the premises.


Before Engin acquired a board of directors, Mr Fleifel was offered to be GM of Engin Australia alongside Charles Soloman.


Engin moved to North Sydney, again enlisting Mr Fleifel to make the move and install it into the new office space.


With the vision for growth and expansion, Miratec Solutions rebranded to PEAR AUSTRALIA.

2019 - Present

With the vision for growth and expansion, Miratec Solutions rebranded to PEAR AUSTRALIA.

Caring for the environment

At Pear, we deeply revere our planet and its environment.

We've adopted an eco-friendly approach to our business operations. We firmly believe that our work would be meaningless without a healthy planet.

To do our part in protecting the environment, we've installed solar panels in all of our offices to ensure that we remain carbon-neutral throughout the day. Additionally, we've acquired electric company cars to reduce pollution while travelling to job sites.

In 2023, we've taken additional steps to safeguard the environment by committing to planting five trees for every new customer we acquire in honour of our 20th anniversary. We aim to become carbon neutral by the end of the year. Our goal is to continue contributing to preserving the earth and its environment for future generations.

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